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Soulbottle glass bottle 0,6L - motive No bees, no future
Soulbottles are more than just simple glass bottles, because they have a soul. Launched through crowdfunding, George and Paul's company has a vision.

Not only do they want to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly drinking bottles without plastic, but at the same time, they want to give more and more people access to clean drinking water. For this reason, Soulbottles donates 1€ for every bottle sold to the Hamburg-based NGO Viva con Agua, which realizes drinking water projects in more than 16 countries together with "Welthungerhilfe".

Soulbottles itself: "Our donations go to the Nepal project, which will benefit about 40,000 people in rural Nepal by 2016. 12€ allows one person access to clean water, healthcare and schooling. Check out our blog for donation updates."

Info's about the motif:
This motif was created by designer Theresa Maier. She loves bees and with the statement "Without bees there is no future" she is absolutely right.

Why shouldn't you use plastic bottles?

It is no wonder that plastic has harmful effects on our organism. Plastics are one of the youngest groups of materials and have only been the focus of research for less than 30 years. Likewise, the economy presses with pressure to optimize the properties of plastic products, which leads to manufacturers adding unknown and sometimes toxic additives such as plasticizers, although the effects on humans and nature are completely unclear. With natural products without plastic you protect your health as well as our environment.


completely plastic-free glass drinking bottle
materials: glass, porcelain (cap), stainless steel (handle), natural rubber (seal)
very stable glass
climate neutrally produced
100% Made in Germany
Leak proof
100% BPA-free and environmentally friendly
Does not absorb tastes or odors
Motive: 3 colors
100% vegan
Dishwasher safe 

Height: approx. 26 cm
Diameter: approx. 7,5 cm
Diameter bottle neck: approx. 3,2 cm
Capacity: approx. 600 ml
Weight: approx. 470g




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