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“The perfect combination for your snapshots in the urban jungle or at the festival.” - FestivalKompass

"As with disposable cameras, using them is child's play. The cameras are ideal for weddings and parties to capture beautiful moments in memory recordings." - Filmphotography.eu

"With the reusable cameras of the simple-use camera family from Lomography, both experienced digital photographers and beginners can immerse themselves in analog photography." - Photo magazine

"The style of a cool disposable camera, but you can easily change the film and you can also insert a new battery." - andjojo

The Lomography Simple Use Reloadable Camera is not a disposable camera - it is loaded with a funky film and the colored flash filters promise a colorful variety. So you can easily immerse yourself in the creative world of analog photography. Compact and equipped with a powerful flash - ready to capture the most beautiful moments of your life - the Simple Use Reloadable Camera is the perfect companion at parties, road trips, weddings and wherever you go!

Bring color into play with the color flash filters in yellow, magenta and cyan. Combine the three colors and create 6 different tones to create a unique color spectacle!


Analogue very easy: Lomography’s Simple Use Reloadable camera is already loaded with a film so that you can start taking pictures right away.
Loaded with a unique film: The LomoChrome Purple ISO 100-400 film dips your photos in crazy purple and turns your world into a wonderland!
Explore the rainbow with the color flash filters: Combine 3 different color flash filters to immerse your photos in one of six possible colors.
Take your camera with you everywhere: The Simple Use Reloadable camera is light, robust and fits in every pocket. It is exactly the right companion for your everyday analogue escapades.
Problem-free development: Just have your film developed in the FotoLab of your choice or send it to our LomoLab, where you will get your photos back developed quickly and easily!
Simply reload: You have snapped your first film? Don't be sad, the fun doesn't stop there! You can simply equip your Simple Use Reloadable camera with a 35mm film of your choice - the next adventure is already waiting!

Technical details:

Film format: 35mm film
Exposures: 27
Focal length of the lens: 31mm
Exposure time: 1 / 120s
Aperture: f / 9
Zone focus settings: 1m - infinite
Flash: Built-in flash (press & hold to charge), 15 seconds to recharge
Battery: 1 x AA battery
Size (mm): 115 x 60 x 33

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