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100% Cotton, Organic and Fairtrade-certified

This item is made from 100% organic cotton certified by Fairtrade, one of the most strict standards on the market.

This product is made of certified Organic Cotton, grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

This product is made in Tiruppur, India, by our GOTS- and Fairtrade-certified supplier Armstrong.

Dedicated - Sustainable Streetwear

Dedicated's goal is to use the most sustainable materials and to ensure safe and fair working conditions for everyone involved, from cotton farmers to factory workers. In order to be able to meet these high demands, we work with the most demanding partners and certificates in the clothing industry.

Why organic cotton?

Modern, conventional cotton cultivation overburdens the soil and exposes the environment to a variety of toxins. This has transformed traditional cotton production in many countries into a nightmare within 30 years.

Over the past few decades, global chemical companies have developed a perfect system of genetically modified seeds and suitable chemical fertilizers and pesticides, driving total dependence on millions of smallholders in developing countries. The result is contaminated and overstretched fields, which require ever more expensive agricultural products to feed the families of the farmers.

The cultivation of organic cotton is a step backwards to a sustainable and perspective management of the fields in harmony with nature. In this way, the farmers can also provide for their families in the long term and finance their children a good education instead of having to worry about ever increasing dividends of the agricultural corporations.

So it should be natural. We want to go this route with Dedicated.